Saturday, December 27, 2008

Reasonalbe Doubt

I personally think I have a pretty decent taste in movies, and I'm usually willing to see a movie that is a little out of my element. Although I've noticed i have a bias towards crime and action movies (GoodFellas, Godfather, Usual Suspects etc. ) I'm usually pretty well rounded in terms of films, and strongly believe in my Top Six Favorite Movies, the other night i saw Layer Cake, which is making me strongly question my order.

After seeing the latest Bond Flick, I started checking out Daniel Craig's history a little more, and found something that seems a little bit closer to his element, and is probably the reason he was cast as Bond.

Starring Daniel Craig and the beautiful Sienna Miller, Layer Cake is a 2004 British gangster thriller, directed by Matthew Vaughn. It is based on a novel of the same name by J. J. Connolly.

The title refers to the human social strata, especially in the British crime underworld, as well as the numerous plot layers in the film. "The Layer Cake is a metaphor for different levels of British society, whether it's the crime world or anything else", says director Matthew Vaughn. "The movie's about showing how drugs are everywhere and it doesn't matter who or where you are, you're only one person away from drugs, scoring drugs or being involved with criminals. There's a speech at the end of the film where Temple uses Layer Cake as a metaphor for life and how you go up and up and up from one layer of the cake and to the next."

The film centers around an unnamed cocaine dealer in the centre of London played by Daniel Craig (known in the credits as XXXX or Mr. X as referred to in the movie). Craig's character has established a successful business buying, cutting and selling cocaine by using intelligence and self-control to avoid the largesses and gangster behaviors associated with the business. Having made his fortune through hard work and great care, he plans to retire from the drug industry for good.

As you would expect, drama ensues and Daniel Craig manages to get rid of everybody in his path. Filled with great casting, great action and a sexy scene with Sienna Miller & Daniel Craig, Layer Cake is for sure one of my favorite movies out there. Number Seven Maybe? Maybe even number six.

Check out that scene...

on this foggy, rainy, dreery day, the song of the day is Rainbows by Madvillian