Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bawksing Daiiii

As im sure many of you did, the day after Christmas, I hauled my ass out of bed super early, headed downtown in pursuit of huge deals. As I often like to, i decided to bring my camera, and document the day. However, unfortunately, it started to snow so i stopped taking pictures around oneish because i didn't want to fuck up my lens. However, it was a good day none the less, filled with spending, eating, waiting and seeing old friends. Mikey and Cookie (yeah...cookie) picked me up around 5:00am in Mikey's whip, we threw on some tunes and hit the road. To our dismay though, the McDonalds that we have come to know and love for always being open on the corner of Spadina and Queen, was, for some reason, closed. I didn't get to eat til like 12ish when my fasha scooped me up, took me to lunch and then shopping around Yorkville. Good times all around.

My computer knows whats good...

Around 7:30, the line began to grow

And 300 peopleish, im mad i didn't grab a picture when it was at full size.


Andy likes his dicks.

Stussy ships shit out super quick. props to stussy.

Step your housewares game up, seriously.

Illest tea.

And thats about it. I'm kinda mad i dont have more pictures.