Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lets Talk About...


Eastpak x Raf Simons

From Jil Sander designer Raf Simons, has paired with backpack/luggage maker Eastpak to make the coolest bags for 2008. Under his own label Raf Simons. These large, over-sized, monochromatic colored and waterproof designs are definitely unique. I want one of these so badly.

Maharishi x Medicom x Porter bag

Three well recognized names have collaborated for an impressive collection, and not for the first time. Japan’sMedicom and Porter have teamed up with Hardy Blechmen’s Maharishi on a collection of items that features the well known camo design in a mix of grey, black and khaki.

Sleds? Wat?

Porche Design

I'm wondering if because its Porche it goes faster than...

By Ky Michaelson


DJ AM's Air Yeezy's have my favorite colorway of the yeezy to date

Nike's Vintage Material Blazer's are looking real real good, im def getting the red ones!

Of course, Visvim Logans are beautiful.

Low Tops...

Raf Simmons is a genius...
Four colorways are seen in the Dr. Martens vintage 3 Eye model, which was the initial silhouette released during the brands inaugural production run. The collection is expected to release in the Spring of 2009 as part of their Spring/Summer lineup which should see further models as well.

I dont know how i feel about these, but im a sucker for that Chukka shape..


Undercover and RATS have come together on the Viper Studs collection of accessories. Seen within both the bangle and the belt are studded arrangements with matching buckles.

Belts aren’t usually too exciting, especially black leather belts. What can you even do to them? Put studs on? Okay there are probably a few reasonable modifications you can make, but the point is, there is rarely a belt I actually think is really nice. I tried on this Surface 2 Air belt at Illustrated Example the other day. It’s fresh in with the Fall line, and is probably one of the nicest belts I’ve seen in awhile. It has a D ring sort of function but instead of 2 rings it uses a classic leather loop to hold the belt back in place. I also really like the black on black with the hard wear being a matte black. The other feature I’m really liking on belts in general and this one did it really nicely is having a leather piece go behind the actual buckle area. It makes it looks more complete and there are no visible holes. Made from a rather soft leather, the belt is pretty much the perfect thickness and width as well. I’m seriously considering going back to pick it up.

S2A belt info taken directly from http://www.hyrcollective.com/