Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Lumix Life

So, as I often do, I come to you, the readers, with a favor.

A lot of the time, I draw my inspiration for photography from others. Whether it be looking at my dads old photos from him sitting ringside and snapping Muhammad Ali knock out Joe Frazer, or just seeing what Mikey can do with a starbucks cup on a cold day in a goodfoot sale, I'm always checking out who's snapping what around me.

Lately though, I've been checking out Mr. Jack Neary's photos and taking a real interest in them. For years I would listen to Kyla tell me about all the cool stuff her dad is up to, and then I'd see some of the albums with awesome photographs that he's taken.

Now, theres a contest and I'd like him to win. In order for him to win, YOU need to vote. Check out some of the photos first...




NOW! Go HERE to vote! 

The album is called "Eyes on Foot" and you use the checkmark to vote.