Friday, July 31, 2009

Pharrells Bionic Yarn

Its really nice to see Rappers doing something other than their own Alcohol or Clothing Line.

I found this today. Long story short, Pharrell Williams is now the owner and frontrunner of his company Bionic Yarn. What they do is market and manufacture premium quality yarn and fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles. The companies primary applications are backpacks, luggage, handbags, workwear, denim and home furnishings.

Pharrell also includes this in all of his BBC/Ice Cream clothing where using this type of fabric is necessary.

"We were just looking at this new canvas that is amazing," he said. " Basically, denim is denim, cotton is cotton. The process used to make Bionic Yarn makes it extremely durable and give it a luxurious feel. "

On average, one pair of jeans uses seven recycled bottles, and the average piece of luggage takes 18 bottles.