Wednesday, July 15, 2009

nasty nas' 91 demo tape

Took me a while to find this baby, a little longer to make it sound good, but its worth it.

What you have here is the first ever recording of Nas on wax. This is, 100%, where it all started. With this mixtape, Nas gained recognition as one of the best rappers of all time.

02.Life Is Like A Dice Game
03.Just Another Day In The Projects
04.Deja Vu
05.Back To The Grill Featuring MC Serch
06.Everything Is Real
07.I’m A Villan
08.Number One With A Bullet Featuring Kool G Rap & Whiteboy
09.Nas Will Prevail
10.On The Real (Original)
Main Source Feat.Nas,Akinyele And Joe Fatal – Live At The Barbeque (Nas’s Debut Song)


Dawg...real talk...after giving this thing a listen, its got to be one of the greatest albums I have in my iTunes, if, for no other reason, the sheer nostalgic value of it. This album defined Nas to the world, and its amazing to see how he's progressed over the years. Honestly...shits amazing. What I really like about this is that shits so chilled out, it isn't like his harsher stuff. All the beats are mellow and his flow is smooth, it reminds me of songs like Purple and Poppa Was A Playa.