Thursday, April 09, 2009

Operation: Room Raiders

So I was on Rillas Blog and saw this photo thing she did called called "Room Raiders". The whole thing is kinda scavenger hunt style, and the objective is to go through the list of items provided, find the "subject" and shoot. The only catch is that you only have the boundaries of your room (hence Room Raiders). Some of the. The rules are that you can only shoot in black and white, you can't use the same subject twice, and you aren't allowed to move the subject.

the list:
  1. first thing you see when you wake up.
  2. when you get up from your bed.
  3. front
  4. back
  5. inspiration
  6. loose change
  7. poster
  8. damaged

here's how it turned out.

"First thing you see when you wake up"

"When you get out of bed"

got this today...really loving it right now. Not an actual poster, its an actual KAWS piece. Check out a bit more of his Saturated exhibit HERE

"Loose Change"





"Damaged #2"
(APC 10 months- one soak, no wash)

This whole experience was alot of fun to do, and I encourage anyone to do it. If you wanna do it for your room, send me the pictures, they dont even have to be black and white if you dont want to make them, just send me them and I'll make them B&W and post it up if its cool. Thanks, Peace!