Thursday, April 09, 2009


Few times can I listen to an album on repeat, for days. This album however, is one of the exceptions.

Coming together with his all star, five time world champion DJ, Kanye West brings you some of the songs from the sameples, the songs that you hear in the back of a hit and go "oh man, what is that?"

Of course, all the songs have been redubbed by a-trak, remastered, and are in no shortage of some colorful commentary by Mr. West himself.

Tracklist is as follows;

01.Sinnerman (Get By Intro)
02.I Wish You Were Here (The Good, The Bad, The Ugly)
03.Innocent Til Proven Guilty (Testify)
04.Chicago (The Truth)
05.In The Heart of City (Ain't No Love)
06.Common Man (Never Change)
07.Strung Out (Down and Out)
08.Wildflower (Drive Slow)
09.Ghetto Child (They Say)
10.Peace and Love (Two Words)
11.Heavenly Dream (Celebration)
12.I'll Erase Away Your Pain (Late)
13.A House Is Not A Home (Slow Jamz)
14.Through The Fire (Through The Wire)
15.Rosie (Roses)
16.My Funny Valentine (Addiction)
17.Is Where The Hatred Is (My Way Home)
18.Old Smokey (Go)
19.Since You Came In My Life (Crack Music)
20.Move On Up (Touch The Sky)
21.It's Impossible (Impossible (MI:3 Theme))
22.Distant Lover (Spaceship)
23.Cause I Love You (Overnight Celebrity)


Next up is something that's becoming a new favorite of mine, this here DJ AM and Travis Barker tape, entitled FIX YOUR FACE. I don't even know how i'd describe this other than great. It brings in almost every facet of music, except the boring shit. TRUST ME, its excellent. Check it out.