Saturday, January 09, 2010

run tings

So recently I've gotten into running. Its probably a good thing haha. I've found that the more I focus on music and stuff, the more I can zone out from what I'm actually doing and just enjoy the music. With that said, my favourite discovery is a mix that A-Trak did for Nike.

The 43 minute mix is called "Running Man" and its basically a long, super smooth, super positive blend of tunes, put together by Mr. A-Trak himself. The tune starts gradually building from a warm-up period, incorporating an extended middle section that finds a pavement-pounding groove, and ending with a downtempo closure for cooling down. The funny thing is that, the first "Say Whoa" section is actually a sample from his album Infinity +1, and later features a verse from KiD CUDi. According to A-Trak, this is because he wanted to showcase his new electric style, without straying too far from his Hip-Hop roots.

All in all, its a great mix and the cover art is pretty cool. For any of you runners out there, I'd give it a try.