Saturday, December 19, 2009

Street Etiquette X TONE - Genesis Of Style | Teaser Video

Its always very impressive to see what my friend Josh Kissi and his parter Travis are up to, and how they're taking their website to the next level. This time, they've teamed up with TONE to create a video on the meaning of "style".

Freshnessmag says;
To dwell and explore Street Etiquette a little more thoroughly, we had posted an interview done by videographer, TONE , a while ago, with the Bronx duo, This time around, both parties came back together to explain and delve deeper into the definition of “style”. For the duo, style is not a singular concept but one that is organic, variegated and also embodies characteristics beyond the physical attributes. The project, “Genesis Of Style” is a multi-borough project narrating a “revival of awareness of personal style”, where Kissi and Gumbs sought out some of their closest friends whom they believe are the embodiment of style. Check out the teaser video and learn a little more about the project on Street Etiquette, then kick back and spend the rest of December awaiting the full video due to release in January 2010. via: Street Etiquette

Check out the trailer here...