Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Nike Air Inventor Frank Rudy Passes Away

If you're a sneaker head, or wear shoes in general, then you've probably owned something by Frank Rudy. After abandoning his military x aerospace engineering background, Rudy began designing things like sneakers. In 1977 when Phil Knight (Nike founder) wanted to create a shoe with air in it, he knew the man to call him. The rest, is history...

Dying with over 250 patents to his name, Frank Rudy has made an impression on fashion that will last forever. Nike CEO Mark Parker reflects that “Frank Rudy holds a singular place in the pantheon of Nike innovation” and that “his relentless creativity and focus on solving problems was, in many ways, the template for how Nike pursues performance to this very day.”

Rudy was 84, and passed away in his California home. Frank Rudy will not be forgotten as Nike prepares to launch the “Fresh Air” campaign in 2010.