Tuesday, December 15, 2009

love is love is love!

Its very rare where I'll post the same song over and over, just to make sure that everyone knows of it. Its even more rare when I spend almost two months trying to find an album online, I can usually find even the most obscure albums in ten minutes, tops a day. It becomes outrageous when I have to log onto my MySpace account from like grade 8 just to message the artist to find out where the hell I can find his album, and I get the response "download it illegally or something" hahahahah.

Nevertheless, all of these are true of Mr. Jonathan Boulet. The 20 year old Australian lad that had Kanye screaming "PLEASE WATCH THIS ITS FUCKING AMAZING" on his blog. Listening to Kanye, I did, and haven't stopped listening since. I think that the video for it is amazing, both from an art standpoint and simply from all the different instruments and feels that he puts into the music. Listen to the song a few times, you'll realize what its about.

Check out the video off the single:

Its really rare that I actually give an artist a write up, usually I just post up an album and go "download this", trusting that if you like what I post, you'll like the music, or atleast try it.

This is different. I absolutely love this album. I only found it like 3 days ago (FINALLY) and ever since its been on repeat. I can already assume that its one of my favorite albums of all time. I don't really care if you don't like it, or if you're indifferent to it. I love this album so so so so much. If you like what I post on here, especially from a music aspect, then you need to try this. Also, check out the songs "Continue Calling" and "321 Ready Or Not" on the album.

So, download it.

No really. Download it.