Monday, October 19, 2009

Past The music

Beyond all this shit about Kanye's personality (I know that he's been catching alot of flack lately over the t-swift thing), I think that alot of the projects he's been working on outside of music are simply phenomenal. Right now, I wanna spotlight the movie he did with Spike Jonze (who is one of my new favorite directors after seeing WTWTA) and a new book that I've already preordered.

Back in March, news were released that Kanye West was teaming up with the director for his “Flashing Lights” video, Spike Jonze, to create a short film. Named “We Were Once A Fairytale”, the short film develops quickly from what seems like a party into something that would be a wonderful public service educational ad for alcohol abuse and spins into something completely avant-garde at the end when Kanye severs physical ties with a mouse-like creature he extracted from inside his body. Check out the short film that came out on the internet just today that is an interesting testament of Kanye’s aptitude and eye for art and design. I also love the cameo by Fonsworth Bentley and Ibn Jasper. I love this movie as a whole. Watch it.

And next is the book entitled "Through The Wire" that I've already preordered. Through The Wire is named after West’s first single and is a short animated book that illustrates 12 songs from West’s illustrious library. Illustration for the book comes from cartoonist and illustrator Bill Plympton.