Tuesday, October 20, 2009

complex's top 100 shirts of the 2000s

Complex, a popular magazine published an interesting article on their website last week covering their picks for Top 100 t-shirts of the 2000s. That’s the BEST t-shirt graphics the past TEN YEARS has had to offer. As I started to look through the list, I started to get bugged by some of the choices they made. However, overall, I can understand most of their choices. Of course, all the streetwear brands you'd expect to be in there were (Supreme, Original Fake, Stussy, The Hundreds, all those guys) and even some randoms.

I've picked out some of my favorites...

96. Rocksmith x UNDRCRWN "Keep Bouncin"

Rocksmith and Undercrown came together on this collabo shirt, and managed to homage A Tribe Called Quest and Michael Jordan at the same time. Tribe's Midnight Marauder design is sprawled all over MJ, and Rocksmith sought out Undercrown because of the brand's knack for pumping out sick basketball graphics.

87. Original Fake "Apple"

KAWS teased the graphic on this t-shirt weeks prior to releasing it on his website, which got the hype machine spinning out of control. Although the t-shirt is believed to draw on NYC for inspiration, it has nothing to do with the title of Lloyd Banks' first album.

61. The Hundreds "California Lifestyle"

A tee from The Hundreds' early days, before the brand went hyper-mega-super global. All-black everything, who knew?

58. Mighty Healthy "Listen to Ghostface"

DJ Denis Iderman and skater Ray Mate named their company after one of Ghostface's illest songs, so it's only right that the brand's breakthrough T-shirt pay tribute to Mr. Starks with a simple but effective command. Understand what I'm sayin', sayin', sayin'?

49. PLAY Comme des Garçons "PLAY"

Leave it to the elite Japanese brand to make a bug-eyed heart the epitome of cool for the "you ain't up on this" set. Shit looks kinda creepy to me, but love is love.

30. Nom de Guerre "Woods"

If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that trees are Mother Nature's greatest gift to man. You know, because they produce oxygen and make for super-fresh script. Get your mind out the gravity bong, bro.

4. Stüssy "HAZE World Tour"

For the year-long celebration of its World Tour T-Shirt (originally launched in 1989), Stüssy hit up over 40 artists to re-design the classic. From KAWS to GHOST to Futura and Neckface, there seemed to be a new one dropping every month. When the smoke cleared, this clean hand-style version by HAZE was, and continues to be, my favorite.

1. Supreme "Kate Moss"

This Supreme graphic originally stems from the the street version—Supreme team members slapped shop stickers on the supermodel's Calvin Klein ads. It was released for the shop's 10-year anniversary, and got the co-sign from Ms. Moss.