Wednesday, September 30, 2009

desert boots

It seems that I'm seeing more and more of them lately, maybe they're the in thing. I don't know what it is about them, but if you can pull them off, they can really make an outfit. Me myself, I picked up a pair of clarks desert boots a few weeks ago and haven't been able to start putting them down since. There are however, alot of different styles, prices and designers, but I've picked out a few of my favorites, from different designers. Check em out.

First up are my favorites. Made last year by Common Projects, their take on the desert boot was a lot more toned down and generic looking, like most of their footwear.

Branded only by the marking on the heel, most people wouldn't expect that these go for around $300. Nevertheless, pictures don't do justice to the feel and quality of the shoe. Although I have a pair of Clarks already, I'll probably be looking to pick up a pair of these soon enough.

Coming in second are the Stussy Deluxe x Dr. Martens desert boots. These are a take on the classic Doc Marten desert boot, but mixing in some Air Wair soles, a premium suede finish, two sets of contrasting laces, contrast stitching and the Stussy 'S' logo on the heel.

As you would expect however, these don't come all too cheap either, coming in with a retail price of about $250. I don't think its worth it for some off-lookin' shoes.

Next up are the Jil Sander desert Boots by Raf Simons. I don't have too much info on these, but if I could get my hands on a pair i would in a heartbeat. I honestly don't know the year, season or country which these were made in. All I know is that they're made of swede leather and incredibly hard to find. Check em out..

They go for $400 retail. Good luck.

And on to what I'm wearing...A classic, the Desert Boot was inspired by the crepe-soled boots worn by British officers in World War II. Soft, supple suede full grain leather uppers and a genuine plantation crepe outsole makes them comfortable as hell. This style has been synonymous with the brand Clarks and the design has gone unchanged for more than fifty years.

These are alot more reasonably priced, coming in at about $100. They also come in pretty much every color you could think of and are some of the most sturdy and versatile shoes I've ever owned.

Anyways, thats my two cents on Desert Boots. I'm in class right now...and probably should do some work or something.