Saturday, August 29, 2009

when the shit hit the fan, everything I'm not made me everything I am

For some reason, this songs been really appealing to me lately. I don't know why, but these last few days I've just started listening to it on repeat. Its one of Kanye's more laid back songs for sure, like Family Business (another one of my favorites from him) and maybe thats what I want right now. I think this is one of those songs that we listen to for a while and then forget about until it comes on shuffle. Then when it comes on you're like "damn, now I remember why I liked this". Anyways, sit back and give this a listen. I remember when this album dropped, it was the only thing I listened to for atleast three months.

people talk so much shit about me at barbershops
they forget to get their haircut
OK fair enough, the streets is flarin' up
'cause they want gun-talk, or I don't wear enough
baggy clothes, Reebok's, or Adidas
can I add that he do spaz out at his shows
so say goodbye to the NAACP award
goodbye to the India Arie award
they'd rather give me the n***a-please award
but I'll just take the I-got-a-lot-of-cheese award

Anyways, stay tuned. I'll be coming with nostalgic shit all week.