Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Two Playlists.

I'm extremely happy with myself. I had a rather nice day, I tied up alot of loose ends, and I figured I'd make a few playlists just for the hell of it while I sat around.

So, first. I think this is my favorite hip hop playlist I've put out on this blog so far. At least right now, I'm feeling every single song on this list. Especially "G.O.O.D." and "Searchin". I forgot about Eminem's Infinite Album, but Searching reminded me of just how good he was when he was coming up. Of course, there's also some shit from all the new comers like Wale, Wiz Khalifa, Drake & Dom Kennedy. Those four guys are my four favorite up-and-comers right now and I think they're all going to be huge.

The Drake tune was sent to me by my friend Julie, and the Dom Kennedy track is his newest.


Secondly, I made a playlist of a bunch of non-hip hop shit I'm listening to lately. I dont want to hype it too much because if you download either-or-playlist, get the first one.