Saturday, August 29, 2009

No Sleep

So I've started listening to a fair amount of Canadian music lately, but apart from Neil Young, Sam Roberts pretty much remains my favorite Canadian artist. Although in all truth, my favorite album from him is "Chemical City" (I listen to it atleast once a week...and The College Dropout atleast twice) I felt that I should post this because there's so many great songs on it and I just gave it a relisten a few days ago.

I cracked 10,000+ songs on my iTunes a few days ago, now I'm up to almost 11,000 and because of that I often forget about what music I have, so often times I rediscover stuff. I'm always the person that has that random song, "you know what i mean...the one with the guy...and he sings that thing...and theres". Yeah, I know it, and I have it.

In all honesty I probably need to clean out my iTunes and get rid of some shit. NEVERTHELESS! I won't be cleaning this one out, because its a great fucking album. Get it, enjoy it.