Friday, July 24, 2009

two lists

I've labeled these HipHop and Non-HipHop. Past that, these have no theme to theme to them whatsoever, except I've been listening to them alot lately. The Rap list is mediocre I'll admit, but I'm digging the way the other one turned out and I strongly suggest you download it. The Kinks are amazing. A;so that Buzzcocks song on the Non-Hiphop playlist is worth downloading the whole playlist just for that song.

Rap Playlist:

  1. Don't Forget Em- Consequence
  2. Bells of Doom- MF DOOM
  3. Catch A Bad One- Del Tha Funky Homosapien
  4. Auditorium- Mos Def Feat Slick Rick
  5. Successful- Drake Feat. Mos Def & Lil Wayne
  6. Whip You With A Strap- Ghostface
  7. Regrets- Jay-z
  8. Two Can Win- J Dilla
  9. New Soul- WALE
  10. Stressed Out- A Tribe Called Quest
  11. After Hours- A Tribe Called Quest
  12. Cab Fair- Hieroglyphics
  13. Off The Record- Hieroglyphics
  14. Loop Prisoner- Jazz Liberators
  15. Life Is Life A Dice Game- Nas
  16. Just Another Day In The Projects- Nas
  17. Feel Me Flow- Naughty By Nature
  18. Benz or Beamer - Outkast
  19. Straighten It Out - Pete Rock
  20. I Can't Go To Sleep - Wu Tang Clan

And as for the Non-Hip Hop list...

  1. Staring At The Sun- TV On The Radio
  2. The Time Tomorrow- The Kinks
  3. Why Can't I Touch It- The Buzzcocks
  4. Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat (Bob Dylan Cover) - Beck
  5. Victoria (Kinks Cover) - The Kooks
  6. Live And Let Die (Paul MC Cover) - Duffy
  7. Summer- Mogwai
  8. No Rain- Blind Melon
  9. Dance Tonight- Paul McCartney
  10. Lucky Man- The Verve
  11. Sunny Days- Lighthouse
  12. He War- Cat Power
  13. Window Bird- Stars
  14. Strangers- The Kinks
  15. Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone- Otis Redding
  16. Atlantis- Donovan
  17. Hello Tomorrow- Karen O
  18. If She Wants Me- Belle & Sebastian
  19. Bandwitch- BSS
  20. Postcards From Italy- Beirut