Monday, June 01, 2009

Project Natal Motion Sensing Controller for XBOX 360

We all knew it was eventually coming, well here we finally go! The simple tagline explains it all, You are the controller! There will be a motion sensor camera that senses your every move, from driving to fighting. You will use your entire body to interact with the game with the use of full body motion capture. You can use your own gear to scan images, such as a skateboard that will be translated directly into the game.

This new feature will also include voice recognition, for areas such as game shows where you will be able to shout out the answers and the game will understand what you say.

The device is shown at the end of the trailer, pictures coming soon. I guess the motion sensor controller and the game was nothing but a rumor, but the motion sensor idea is indeed alive!

It is announced to be called Project Natal and will work with every Xbox 360 as well as being sold with Xbox 360s in the future.

Steven Spielberg comes on to talk about how this new technology will revolutionize gaming by allowing anybody to play video games by using your entire being instead of being hindered by a controller. Looks interesting indeed..