Monday, June 29, 2009

Flight Club Launches Apparel Consignment

Flight Club; the shop that took consignment to the next level recently launched a new location. This time around their selling not only sneakers but consignment apparel which including vintage Ralph Lauren, Prada, Supreme and the list goes on. And if yal'l know who I am you know im already copping all the Ralphy and Supreme in the lot, so hurry up and get your shit together before i sweep the street! Located on Lafayette St on the border of Soho and Nolita this store is worth the visit.

“most of the apparel “is vintage Polo Ralph Lauren, especially from the early nineties, including Polo Sport, Polo Bear, Polo Tech, and Polo Outdoorsman. No surprise, since it’s long been the gold standard for sneakerheads of all ages (not to mention guys nostalgic for long-lost high school gear). Other brands are limited but include the North Face, Prada, Supreme, Starter, and Patagonia, and, of course, a huge assortment of highly prized sneakers. “The idea is to be the ultimate closet for guys that are into this stuff”.