Sunday, June 14, 2009

Back In The Same Ol' Groove.

Well, once again it looks as if exams have rolled around. So goes the natural phenomenon, I find myself cramming for exams the night before again. The good thing about these however is that I'm indifferent to the results.

It's quite funny, although I tell myself that logically and numerically, the outcome of these exam's don't matter, it seems as though I have some damn moral compass that tells me that failing (or just not showing up at all) these exams isn't the best thing to do.

So, low-and-behold, I cram. And one might ask "well what do you do when you cram?" Well, my friends, the answer is simple. First, I brew myself a fat cup of tea, seen below.

Secondly, I pour the hot beverage into, what may look like a cup, is actually a pot for small flowers. I use this because for the amount of caffeine that I like to ingest, I need a mug bigger than the ones that I have.

Finally, I put on the same two albums. The first being A Love Supreme by John Coltrane.

^Download there

And the second being Kind of Blue by Miles Davis. I know that I've uploaded this before but its honestly one of my favorite albums ever and if you don't have it, I strongly, STRONGLY, recommend that you get it. Also, not that it really matters because its all about whats relevant to you, but I just found out that it was ranked #12 on Rolling Stone's list of Top 500 Albums Of All Time.

Furthermore, the song Blue in Green is