Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Two Favorite Songs Today

I've been listening to these two songs today, on repeat. Its unhealthy, but they're so good. First one is a classic off Snoops first album. The lyrics in this whole song are just so damn catchy.

Snoop Doggy Dogg- Doggy Dog World

It's like everywhere I look, and everywhere I go
I'm hearin motherfuckers tryin to steal my flow
But it ain't no thang cause see my n**** Coolio
Put me up on the game when I step through the do'
Ya know, some of these n****z is so deceptive
Usin my styles like a contraceptive

Well if you give me ten bitches then I'll fuck all ten
See my homey Snoop Doggy sippin juice and gin
Don't slip, I'm fo' to set trip, to get papers
Styles vary, packin flavor like Life Savors
Ain't that somethin, talk shit and I'm dumpin
I had your whole fuckin block bumpin

Second is more recent;

Snoop Dogg & Pharell - Beautiful