Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Life Is Average

Found this site, I guess its supposed to rival Fuck My Life. I find it alot funnier, for some reason.

Today, I was having sex with my girlfriend. She yelled out the name Tommy. My name is Tommy. MLIA

Today I accidentally dialed my girlfriend's number when I tried to call my friend. I explained to her what happened and she understood. MLIA

Today, I microwaved a bag of popcorn for one minute less than the recommended time on the bag. It popped fine. MLIA

Today, I got a 75 on my math midterm. The mean was a 75. MLIA

Today, I logged into my Facebook account. I had a new friend request. It was someone I knew, so I accepted. MLIA.

Today, I went to a restaurant. It was really crowded and we almost didn't get a table, but we then we did. MLIA

Today, my friend showed me an FML post. I laughed on the outside but not on the inside. MLIA.