Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Hundreds X Dave Choe

Shirt is coming out for The Hundreds 2009 summer collection I believe. I really like Dave Choe , he does cool stuff, in general. I've been looking into him a bit after being shown him by Andrew Choe, no relation I assume.

Dave Choe is also coming out with a movie, which looks really good. It may already be out, I don't really know in all honesty.

"I just wanna destroy shit...I just wanna make shit funny"

"Billions of years ago there was nothing then a big explosion happened and now youre beating off to the internet, eating junk, playing video games, buying dandruff shampoo, teeth whitening toothpaste and doing sit ups on a weird rubber thing you bought from an infomercial for $49.99. Who planned this?" - David Choe