Sunday, April 05, 2009

Saggin' 101

A few of my friends wrote this up, thought it was funny..

A ight seems like we got some hataz on here... talkin bout how the sag is redic, its hood wannabe thing, you cant walk and shit... we bout to show ya'll how its done...

Heres a few key things to know:
  • There is no such thing as "too much saggin"
  • The minimum sag point is directly on the middle of your ass, any aint doing it enough
  • Sag should be equal on the front and back for the most part. This
    means to pull your pants all the way up to your waist in the front, then try to sag the back like crazy. Sag should be equal 360 degrees n***a.
  • You know your not saggin enough if you can reach the bottom of your pockets
  • One of the best ways to know how ill your sag is to make sure that only the fingertips of your fingers can go in your front pockets
  • Another way of knowing how ill your sag is that you should be gettin honeycombs on the pockets of your jeans as well as the rest of the jeans if your wearing raw denim
  • A belt is not required for saggin but it sure as hell helps when going for that ultimate sag with the fingernails tip

So now on photos and some other information.

If you do not swag, your fits will look like this

We can gurantee you your dick and balls will breathe nicer and healthier.

Now we can't guarantee your fit will look better saggin but hopefully you'll find the perfect way to pull them down accordingly to your ass.