Thursday, April 02, 2009

A Few Things


So as you've noticed by now, I changed the address of my blog, partially because I'll be bringing in a good buddy of mine to do a bit of writing about some different shit.

However, heres a quick few things that I noticed-

Diamond Supply Co. carabiners look especially butter for some reason, and even though they'll def. be expensive, I may have to cop that tiffany one.

Next up is a track that I've been obsessed with for some reason lately, good ol' Rick Ross on a track with the always impressive, Nas. Track is called "The Usual Suspects", give it a listen

Also, some serious porn from Mercedez Benz. 2010 Gullwing AMG promo.

And lastly, I just wanted to point out the Hypebeasts are already lining up for the Air Yeezy's that release next week. Ahahaa...