Monday, April 13, 2009

A Few Easter Shots

Just as I'm sure many of you did, I spent Saturday & Sunday w/ fam. After finding a few sought after books at Indigo on sale for incredibly cheap (nice way to start the weekend) I got picked up and headed to Burlington. Although Uncle Bill, Bonita and Misha aren't technically family they're closer to me than alot of my actual family. So with that said, we headed out to Burlington and ate like kings. I didn't take many pictures, and the pictures I did take dont even begin to do justice to the weekend, but it was quite good.

Sweet room, really jealous of my bud Misha. Check out the Andy Warhol "The Scream" and further down the line, Andy Warhol's take on Dali's melting clocks. And ive always wanted that Blow poster.

Kangaroo. Nuff said.

My dad, Bill, and Uncle Bill.

Found the champagne warning jokes...

Andy Warhol self portrait.

Aidan, Misha & Seth


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