Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Extra Curricular

I'm in my school library making this post so the title seems appopriate. I really dig it, and it really speaks towards a companies level of dedication to their customers, when they start going above and beyond just clothing and gear... check it out...

Offering much more than just fashion, A.P.C. and a selection of candles showcases the French brand’s comprehensive range of products. Four different scents include Fig Leaf (No. 5), Orange Blossom (No. 4), Green Jasmin (No. 2) and Cologne (No. 1). Available now at APC.

Benny Gold’s signature brand has diversified itself in recent memory with the unveiling of wax products include a balsa-glider inspired candle. Later on, look for Benny Gold to drop some more plane-inspired products with paper airplane shaped skate wax. Coming in a few colorways, no word yet on a release date except for late summer.