Friday, March 13, 2009

'93 -> ∞

Awwwww yes. Souls of Mischief, lest we forget. 93 TIL INFINITY. Forever and ever and ever. I can't begin to tell you how good these guys are, or the influence they've had on hiphop. Its a shame that music isn't like this now. For real, check it out. I wouldn't make you download bad music.

No Mans Land...

1. So You Wanna Be A... (produced by Opio)
2. No Man's Land (produced by Toure')
3. Rock It Like That (produced by Opio)
4. Secret Service (produced by A-Plus)
5. Freshdopedope (produced by Jay Biz)
6. Where the Fuck You At? (produced by Casual & Toure')
7. '94 Via Satellite (produced by & featuring Del tha Funkee Homosapien)
8. Do You Want It? (produced by A-Plus & Tajai)
9. Come Anew (produced by A-Plus)
10. Bump Shit (produced by Jay Biz)
11. Ya Don't Stop (produced by A-Plus)
12. Yeah It Was You (featuring Pep Love) (produced by A-Plus & Tajai)
13. Hotel, Motel (produced by Opio)
14. Fa Sho Fa Real (produced by Toure')
15. Dirty D's Theme (Hoe or Die) (produced by Snupe)
16. Times Ain't Fair (produced by A-Plus & Tajai)

93 Til Infinity Tracklist...

01 Let 'Em Know
02 Live and Let Live
03 That's When Ya Lost
04 A Name I Call Myself
05 Disseshowedo
06 What A Way To Go Out
07 Never No More
08 93 'til Infinity
09 Limitations
10 Anything Can Happen
11 Make Your Mind Up
12 Batting Practice
13 Tell Me Who Profits
14 Outro