Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thats my dawg...

Nike Air Max 90 x Vinti Andrews Pit Bull Dogs

Having gotten a taste of Vinti Andrews’ surgical creativity just recently with her Windrunner project, Vinti Andrews’ customization skills are to put use once again on two different Nike-themed dogs. A life-size pit bull was created thanks to the help of the NIKEiD Studio in London and features a number of different Dunk colorways to create a menacing Dunk Dog. The other one features another pit bull comprised of various colorful Air Max 90s including the CMYK, Carnival and King of the Mountain models. The Air Max 90 Dogs are available for sale at Loveless in Aoyama, Tokyo.

taken directly from Hypebeast

Robot Dog....wat?

The walking robot dog Larry surely stunned each passerby with its massive build and the fire spitting. Made entirely from scrap, the robo-dog has a Citroen 2CV engine fitted inside the metal frames. Constructed to ably walk on its front two legs, Larry has two tires stitched in place of the hind legs. Built to perfection in about four weeks, the robot also uses an old Feat car gear box to dress up the legs, while for the head a Citroen 2CV engine is used.