Wednesday, December 17, 2008


So, I'm finally on Christmas break...and i needed it more than ever. I'm hella stressed and it'll be good to cool out for a few weeks. Anyways, alot of dope shit has been releasing lately, and companies never seen to cease to step it up. Also, I've been listening to alot of Wu-Tang (and its members by themselves) and alot of Miles Davis lately...i guess the two balance out?

So, in the spirit of school being out for a bit,

Celebrate - Ghostface Killa

And, because i love this,

My Funny Valentine- Miles Davis

Now, onto some of the recent releases...

First up, for Visvim vans, Visivm founder Hiroki Nakamura leaves us with a preview into what appears to be the 2009 spring/summer collection.

This is...different...

Kim Jones See Through Cap

Fragment x Incase Iphone 3g cover. Its shit like this that makes me want to get an iPhone