Thursday, December 11, 2008

Buttery Ass Thrusdays.


So I haven't done much posting lately because I've been so busy with other random shit that I haven't been able to do much posting. First off, might as well start with a dece song.

Butter- A Tribe Called Quest

So recently, for some reason i've become addicted to a word that i haven't said since summer, obviously I'm talking about Butter. In case you don't know, I'm not talking about the food. I'm guessing you're still lets urban dictionary it....

1. Butter

The urban definition of 'butter' is to have refined skills at a particular task, like playing basketball for example. To further understand the meaning of the word, you have to grasp a general idea of where the usage of it came from. Originally, people of all backgrounds used to say the phrase "I'm on a roll!" meaning that at the moment, they were so good at doing something, that there was no stopping them. Later on, people took the phrase to the next level by saying "I'm must be butter, 'cause I'm on a roll!" in the sense that, if you're on a roll, you have to butter, because that's what most people put on rolls. Later, this was just shortened to "Butter!"

Example "Yo thats so butter!"

So ye. So whats butter lately you might ask? Well, lets start with the thing that got me saying it again. Recently my friend Eric Perez sent me a tape of The Berrics, which is an inside look at Steve Berra and Eric Kostons skatepark. They produce these videos called "Buttery
Ass Mondays" that have constantly been making me fall of my chair laughing. I don't know what it is...but these guys are genius.

Honestly, you gotta watch these two videos, i guarentee they'll cheer you up.

#1. Buttery Ass Houdini Hider
I just rewatched this and i cant stop laughing.

"Yo you go behind like any grocery store, take those crates and make yourself a box to hide in"
"This is your standard ass garbage bag. it works like this- unfold that shit, open that shit, get in that shit. hide by a dumpster"
"You carry one of these on you at all times, ain't nothing going to happen"

#2. Buttery Ass Errfquake Awareness

"Make sure you outside that F.O.Y.A. area. Stay out of the Fall On Yo' Ass area"

So, you may ask, what else is buttery?

Well, I may say, I've been addicted to these lately, they're buttery as hell.

Honestly, these things are delicious, and I strongly recommend you go to your moms right now, or your pop, whoever is in charge of the acquisition of groceries in your household, and tell them to purchase at least 16 to 17 cases. Not boxes, cases. You need a constant supply of at least 400 in your house at any given time.

Next up, is a summer time favorite that me and my friend Rico discovered, and i've been addicted to ever since.

And its so simple! All you do, is take some buttery ass arizona green tea, some ice and a magic bullet. Throw some Arizona and some icecubes in there...and run that shit naameen? Then after about 30 seconds you have yourself an arizona green tea slushie.

Lastly, in the way of food, I've been fiending these

Because sometimes your looking for chips and your like "oh these are too sweet/sour/spicy" and sometimes you're like "yo these are way tooo plain". These chips have a perfect balance of errtang. Errtang + Mo'.

Now, a bit more music, for the helllofit.

Ever since I heard this awful news of Isaac Hayes’ passing, the only song I’ve heard on the T.V. is the Shaft theme and that shit pisses me the fuck off. So, instead of posting a song that is synonymous with this great musicians name in pop culture, I will post one of my favorite songs by the Man himself. This is for you Mr. Hayes.
Listen to this fool. For real. You'll appreciate it.

Walk On By- Issac Hayes

So many artists have sampled this, right off the top of my head i can think of Wu- Tang and Ludacris used it in his "Southern Fried Intro" This song brings me back to so many memories of driving around in my dads '91 Acura Legend, with my dad listening to Issac Hayes and me wanting my dad to put on my Sharon, Lois & Brahm tape (Yo i was three years old...) and every time my dad would tell me that one time i'd appreciate this. I guess he was right, as he usually is, and since Mr. Hayes death i've started listening to him more than ever. He's mad buttery.


Next up, what clothes look especially butter lately, you might ask? Well, yo, check this out!

This is a hypebeasts wet dream. Visvim and Supreme have just collaborated on a couple pieces that are bound to guaruntee two things. A price that is far from reasonable for some pretty unimpressive items and a frenzy of hype seeking man missles all chomping at the bit for a chance to get their hands on these. The boots come in 2 different colorways a brown/blue model and a black/red version. The boots are reminiscent of Timberland’s popular field boot, that Supreme also collaborated with on a series, and feature Visvim’s signature exaggerated lace system and proportions. Also releasing are 4 beanies that feature patches containing both brand’s logos, expect these to drop soon, trust me you’ll hear about it. I can't even front like im not going to buy the beanie, no matter how much it costs.

Next up is the Huf Fall/ Winter always late collection and look book.

Based out of SF, Huf is a huge company that has established itself as a force to be reckoned with in streetwear. They constantly produce heat and I'm really looking forward to the drop. Check out the rest of the line Here

Last but CERTAINLY not least is the Nike "My Nike Windrunner" campaign. Honestly my boy called me and told me about his about an hour ago and ever since i've been trying to get all the information i can.

Apparently you get 10 characters to put on the top of the hood, and you get to customize the zipper color along with the colors of the jacket itself.

yo im out.
i'll be back in a bit with a buttery ass playlist.

Before i dip, im bumping up this video that i posted a few days ago because i know a few of you still have yet to watch it.