Saturday, November 01, 2008

Thank You and You're Welcome

Out of all the books ive read, generally I know what I'm going into before I start reading it. Even though I'm a big fan of kanye and support him against most people who like to talk shit, when someone handed me his book at the Glow In The Dark concert last year i was fully expecting 100 pages of "look how fly I am"

However, as soon as I started reading it, i realized it was the deep and insightful side of Kanye that i was getting.

As small as this book may be, it packs a punch with 52 pages that are guarenteed to make you think. If you haven't read it i really think you should, even give me a call if you know me personally and i'll lend you my copy. Its something you should read, honestly. It packs a big punch for its size, i think is the best way to describe it. Usually they give them away for free any any concert he's involved with but eBay it if you cant find one.

I wonder, when a person says "what, you don't trust me?" you find yourself thinking, "i did before you asked me that?"

Embrace your flaws: My entire family used to tell me "you dont need to get your teeth fixed, they're fine" but the kids in the lunchroom would say "your teeth are big and white just like a horse"
So i got braces and had to have eight teeth removed. Imagine how crowded my teeth must have been. After that i was teased for having braces. Once my teeth were fixed, everybody (including some of the same people who said i didn't need them) said, "your teeth look so much better!"
So now, when i see people with messed-up teeth, I want to be the one person who tells them the truth like the kids told me, "your teeth are big and white like a horse"
I don't believe in accepting a changeable condition.
Although i haven't totally embraced this yet, people often say that one of my flaws is arrogance. If arrogance means being conceited, brash, cocky, or pushy, i can be all of that sometimes. Arrogance has also been described as an overwhelming feeling of self importance. I do feel important, but everybody should feel this way about themselves. Arrogance is sometimes expressed by the treating of other with contempt or disregard. I try my best not to do this. You can be cocky without being arrogant. When you cross the line from being playful with your own expression of self-confidence and mistreat others, then you (meanig me or my imaginary friend) have become arrogant. I feel my confidence + someone's low self-esteem = my arrogance.
Recognize and embrace your flaws so you can learn from them. Sometimes it takes a little polishing to truely shine.