Friday, November 07, 2008

Peace Yo!

Haha, today i leave, i'll be back on Monday or Tuesday, I've never been so stoked.
My mom is already snapping pictures and saying how nostalgic this shit is going to be, whatevuh yo!

I guess that counts as a WDYWT (November 7th 2008)

+ Comfy airport shoes
Vintage 1980s Starter Chicago Bulls
Supreme Flannel

While im gone, chill with this for a bit, Julian Beever, nicknamed Pavement Picasso, makes the craziest 3D drawings i've ever seen.

people are actuall walking around this stuff

i thought he did this on the side of a building for a second, then i realized its still on the sidewalk. shit is crazy.

for more go here

So the other day I told someone I’d make them a playlist of some music, however I listen to a lot of music and wasn’t able to make one, so instead I made three. These playlists follow no central theme other than the fact that i was trying to show Cody stuff that im pretty sure she doesnt have. Enjoy.

These playlists are as follows;

The Best & My Favorites
Allure - Jay-z
Best Of Acid Jazz – Digable Planets
Cab Fare – Hieroglyphics Feat. Souls Of Mischeif
Coolie High- Camp Lo
Failure – Lupe Fiasco
93 Til’ Infinity – Souls Of Mischeif
Us Placers – CRS
Move On Up – Curtis Mayfield
All Caps – MF Doom
Acid Raindrops – People Under The Stairs
Kumomi – Nujabes
Another Day, Another Dollar – Josh Martinez
Halftime – Nas
How You Like Me Now – Lil Wayne
I Wish You Were Here – ATrak
Dry The Rain – Beta Band
Not Today – Too Rude
Umi Says – Mos Def
Runnin’ – Pharsyde
Can’t Say No – Dj Dub Feat Kanye West & Trick Daddy
It Was A Good Day – Ice Cube
Watermelon Sundae – Dom Kennedy
International Players Anthem – UGK Feat. Outkast.

Click HERE for Playlist Download

Real Real Good

Black & Gold – Sam Sparrow
Glock Nines- Ratatat Feat. Beanie Sigel & Jay-z
The Beast- Fugees
Breaking Point – The Chicarones
Bush Fire – Phontaine
C.R.E.A.M. – Wu Tang Clan
Express Yourself – NWA
Forest Whitaker – Brother Ali
Just A Dood – Josh Martinez
Lightin Up My LaLaLa – Lil Wayne
The L.A. Song – People Under The Stairs
Dynomite – Rhymefest
Drive Slow (Remix) – ATrak & GLC
Supa GFK- Ghostface Killa
The Setinal – Hilltop Hoods
Smart Went Crazy – Atmosphere
Oakland Blackouts – Hierogliphics
Devil’s Pie – Rhymefest
Put It On – Big L feat. Kid Capri

Click HERE For Playlist Download

Real Good

Addiction – Ryan Leslie (MF DOOM mix)
All Things – Opio Feat. Souls Of Mischeif
Be Alright – Foreign Exchange
Bionic Hands – The Sprites
Do It All Again – Memphis Bleek
Don’t Curse – Heavy D & The Boyz Featuring Kool G Rap, Grand Puba, Big Daddy Kane, C.L. Smooth, Pete Rock and Q-Tip
Don’t Forget Em- Dj Dub Feat. Kanye West
The Fairest Of Seasons – Nico
Go Back – Hi Tek Feat. Talib Kweli
Lloyd, I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken – Camera Obscura
New Years Eve – The Walkmen
One Of Us Is Gonna Die Young – The Ark
Paid In Full – Eric B & Rakim
Project Jazz – Hell Raza feat. Talib Kweli & MF DOOM
Recapturing The Vibe – Hilltop Hoods
Shes On A Mission – Slackstring
Squares – Beta Band
Times Of Essense – Gist
Whip You With A Strap – Ghostface Killa

Click HERE for Playlist Download

My song for the day is one that I'm putting in my traveling playlist, which i'll post when i get back.

Staring At The Sun- Tv On The Radio
Badass track, even better rider. Jeff Lenosky